It’s a learning process!

I’m fortunate enough to have a brother in law who is in recovery. We spend a good amount of our weekends together eating, golfing, watching movies etc. He made me realize something this last time we hung out. I was talking to him about how I have yet to experience an urge for alcohol. How I just stopped cold turkey, and truly never looked back. As I was explaining it to him, I talked to him about St. Patrick’s day and how I was extremely irritable the entire week leading up to the day the parade happens in Chicago. I explained to him how that was my favorite holiday because of all the drinking and partying that goes on in downtown Chicago. But for me that week, I was easily annoyed and just mad at the world. I completely detached myself emotionally from friends and family.

My brother in law then told me that that was some serious urges. It honestly surprised me because I was shocked that I did not see them that way. But he was completely right. For me, my triggers are certain holidays.

I would like to know what your triggers are? What are some urges that you experience and how do you go about dealing with them?

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