Closing that door

The constant mental battle that I fought on a daily basis was–excruciating. All of last year, I had long talks with my therapist about whether I should go back, or continue on the path that I am currently on now. My therapist would explain to me how I am paralyzing myself, having one foot in and one foot out. I wasn’t going anywhere. I would picture myself going back to it, living a lonely life but then I’d immediately picture myself living the life I am now. So this mental struggle was taking a major toll on me. I had to make a decision and to this day, I do not regret it. I am extremely happy that I have closed the door of my playing days. That is now behind me, and I am really looking forward to what’s to come!

Other than becoming sober, what are some decisions you’ve made that have really shaped you into the person you are today?

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